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schezwan chutney recipe easily

schezwan sauce | schezwan chutney | kissan schezwan sauce

Hello friends and sister welcome all of you to this schezwan chutney's post. And in this post I am going to tell you all the easy way to make schezwan chutney. Very easy way in just 10 minutes schezwan chutney will be ready. And if you taste this schezwan chutney then you will enjoy it. If you see that you feed this schezwan chutney to anyone, you will appreciate it. So let's show this recipe by making it.

schezwan chutney recipe easily
schezwan chutney recipe easily

Schezwan chutney making time

  • Recipe By: Recipe easily
  • For how many people: 10
  • preparation
  • Cook Time
  • Time: 25
  • Difficultyeasy

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Ingredients for schezwan chutney

Quantity  name of item English name 
40    gram  oil oil 
1Onion ChoppedOnion Chopped
100  gramGarlic ChoppedGarlic Chopped
40    gramGinger ChoppedGinger Chopped
50 gramgreen chiligreen chili
1 cupchoped cabbagechoped cabbage
2 tspgaram masalagaram masala  
3 tsp               ajina motoajina moto
2 tbsp corn flourcorn flour

How to make schezwan chutney

  • First of all we will take a wok and heat it on low flame.
  • Now when the pan becomes hot, put oil in it.
  • After the oil is hot, we will put onion in it and stir it little by little.
  • When the onion becomes a little red, then put garlic in it.
  • Garlic will not roast much, only then add ginger to it, it will roast the ginger well.
  • After roasting the ginger, we will put green chilies in it, we will add chilies according to the pungency.
  • Now after this we will put cabbage in it.
  • Now after this we will mix it well and add 1 liter of water.
  • After adding water, we will add garam masala, black pepper powder, coriander powder to it.
  • Now when the water boils, add 2 more liters of water and let it boil.
  • After boiling add salt and add ajina moto.
  • Now after this, when the water is opened or cooked, make a solution in the cornflour water and pour it slowly in the pan and keep stirring the chutney. Keep in mind that you want the chutney to be thicker and thicker, add cornflour as much.
  • When after adding everything, let it boil for 5 minutes when the bull starts calling, after that take it off the flame.
  • Now you can serve it with Chowmin, Manchurian, Bhel or any other thing.

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